How to Date in Australia

Dating did not happen in Kazakhstan. Many Kazakhs are quite traditional so most men my age were already married and the single men I encountered were not exactly the Jezebel-reading type.

Most of my colleagues were expats but I have a strict no dating at work policy. This is generally a very easy rule abide by since ladies continue to dominate libraries.

I did go on one date with a local in which he gave me one of the best compliments I’ve ever received, telling me I reminded him of Nala from The Lion King. My favourite compliment of all time goes to my ex-boyfriend for saying, “When I first saw you I thought, ‘Wow! She’s better looking than 80% of people!'”


I’ve never used online dating apps before but decided to try them out while in Astana. There were about 15 dudes on Tinder and 10 on OkCupid. But! I tried Tinder out while in Japan and used it this summer while travelling in Europe. By which I mean my friends usually took over matches and chats.


What a good sport.

 I decided to give Tinder a whirl once I’d moved to Melbourne, which happened immediately while my friend and I were bored waiting around the airport.

Tinder automatically uploads your Facebook profile photos, which you can then choose to edit. I mostly left mine as is, including my gem of a 7th grade school photo.

 1268139_10151718008963181_1725644764_o (3)

The most handsome boy in school

If guys on Tinder acknowledge this photo at all, it’s for a larf. But not Australian men.




It’s okay because it serves both as a great amusement and filter. Though, I found the photo’s upsetting nature especially strange because it’s my impression that dudes in Melbourne seem to be pretty open and fluid about sexuality.

And then I deleted Tinder because I find it all very boring and repetitive.

In conclusion, I don’t actually know how to date here and all I know is my boss at the cafe I worked at for a week said that one of the female customers has a huge crush on me.


Just all about the boys who are friends


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