Illuminati aka How to Go to the Pyramid

Before moving, I came across the theory that Astana is The Illuminati capital of the world. The Illuminati are supposedly a masonic-style society, chock-a-block full of celebrities and politicians controlling the world. Any Beyonce fan worth his/her salt has heard of the new world order, specifically how Whitney Houston was actually assassinated to make room for Blue Ivy.

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, more informally referred to as the Pyramid, is an integral part of the Astana/Illuminati theory. I think, primarily, because of its shape. All I care about is that Beyonce wasn’t there.

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The Pyramid was built primarily to house the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions every three years but I don’t think there’s actually been a meeting since it was built in 2006. Norman Foster, whom Wikipedia tells me is pretty fancy, designed the building.

It sits on the river, across from Highvill and is open 7 days a week, 10:00-18:00 in the winter and 10:00-20:00 in the summer. Tours leave every 30 minutes so you don’t have to worry about showing up at a specific time. Admission price is about $4.

Our tour guide showed us an opera hall but I’ve never heard of any public events held there. According to the official website, “Hall use, both for concerts, and for carrying out various conferences and seminars is possible.

We passed by a library but I assume it’s not public. I tried to look it up on the website but didn’t find any information. However, I did find that there is a VIP makeup room for rent, as well as a utility room.  Somehow, the utility room costs way more.


The elevators go up diagonally and we took one to a big empty room on one of the mid-floors. There was a display of traditional costumes tucked in the corner but we didn’t get a chance to look. Some Russian speakers showed up at the same time as us and our guide had to speak in two languages and so I suspect she limited the tour accordingly.

We then took the elevator to a set of stairs that wound through a bunch of fake plants with a fake rabbit arbitrarily placed on a shelf. It was weird and I mildly regret not taking any photographs.


The very top of the Pyramid is a conference room intended for the religion congress. Between the plastic covered furniture and the gaping hole in the middle of the table, it feels like Lysa Tully’s living room, if she were an Italian grandmother.


The glass is blue and yellow with painted doves.


All in all, I would definitely recommend going to the Pyramid, especially on a sunny day!


And afterwards, you should definitely go to Kakao Dak in Highvill for Korean fried chicken.


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