There have been a lot of, “Wow!”s, sarcastic “Haha, that’s funny”s, “WHAT?!”s, and blank stares when I’ve told people I’m moving to Kazakhstan. In general, people have been very supportive! I find it especially meaningful that many parental type figures in my life are so encouraging of the venture – seize the moment, etc. Here are some other reactions:

  • “You’re even weirder than I thought.”
  • “All your legislation knowledge with nowhere to go!”
  • “This calls for HOT DOGS!”
  • “Make sure you’re fully stocked up on foundation garments before you go!”

My favourite reaction was in trying to make an appointment to give my notice. I asked for an appointment, without saying what it was for, and my co-worker who was arranging the time came back to me later that morning:

Co-worker: “Noon is good. As long as you’re not resigning.”

Me: Silence.







Co-worker: “NO!”






Me:  “I took a job overseas!”

Co-worker: “Ooh!! Where?”

Me:  “Kazakhstan.”

Co-worker: “Eugh! But that doesn’t surprise me about you.”


That about sums up the feelings of most people who know me well. The initial reaction is shock and then they think about it for a moment and go, “Hm. Makes sense.”



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