To Do:

cancel phone plan, figure out how double taxation works, breathe a sigh of relief that your sister-in-law reminded you to cancel MSP because you wouldn’t have thought of that on your own, give notice at work, give notice for apartment, clean for apartment showings, say yes to every social obligation to make the most of the rest of the time here, decide what to keep, what to donate, what to throw away, what to sell and then deal with all of the annoyances of selling things on Craigslist, buy all the clothes and makeup that you’ll need for two years, get a criminal record check, get immunizations, use up all of your dental benefits, which means five appointments and a lot of fillings, get orthotics, just because they’re covered and you can and who knows, maybe they’re good for running, return cat fostering supplies, cancel your internet and find out you were supposed to give 30 not 20 days’ notice, drop off the modem, drop off that varnish at Canadian Tire instead of throwing it out because it’s got linseed oil in it and it could spontaneously combust, get your diploma authenticated, which is a weird process you don’t really know how to do and you realize later you should’ve hired a service instead of doing it yourself, answer the same questions over and over again but appreciate how much people are excited for you and interested in what you’re doing, continue working full-time and doing all those daily life things you do, get your shoes repaired and finally take those clothes to the tailor, figure out your finances and budget, brush up on your Russian, go out of town three weekends in a row to make sure you see friends/family before leaving, buy suitcases but make sure they won’t exceed the airlines’ size restrictions and remember that sometimes the airlines bust you by counting the wheels in the measurements, buy a one-way plane ticket and make sure that it’s with the same airline for the whole journey so you don’t get charged the excess baggage fees twice, so many emails, etc. etc. etc., forever and ever and ever.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: don’t feel guilty about lying on the couch, rewatching the entire Mad Men series, drinking rosé, and eating Whole Foods’ version of smarties during any spare moment you get.

cat wine_post_detail_web


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