Things I Worried About Before I’d Even Interviewed

  • Streaming TV shows. How many times will I leave my laptop open before I go to work hoping that RuPaul’s Drag Race will be loaded by the time I get home?
  • Inevitably trying horse at some point. Though I would happily try it in hot dog form!
  • Figuring out which milk is regular cow milk at the grocery store.
  • Books. Based on my experience doing a brief practicum in Istanbul, I assume any public library system in Central Asia won’t be super fulsome. Not to mention I have the barrier of not knowing Russian. It may be time to purchase an e-reader.
  • Cycling. I tried to look up bike stores and found these complicated directions. I’m assured it’s fairly easy to buy a bike, though. As a bonus, I discovered Astana has a very well known and handsome cycling team.
  • Nature: trees, mountains, and the ocean. Astana is as landlocked as it gets on the vast prairie-like steppes. There’s a big river, at least, and lots of urban greenery.
  • Vintage clothing. Astana is such a new city, there’s probably not a lot of vintage clothing to be found and so I stocked up in the last couple weeks.
  • Fast food. I will miss Dairy Queens, A&Ws and Taco Bells. Apparently, there are McMagic’s, Big Mamas, and my old favourite, KFCs!
  • Makeup and face stuffs. I’m bringing two years’ worth with me. Hair products are too much of a burden though, so looks like I will be using something similar to this (as found in Georgia by pal, Lauren!). I’ll let you know if it solves my scurf problems.

Screen shot 2014-07-06 at 11.52.36 AM



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